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iPhone 5 vs samsung galaxy S3

Reviews October 1, 2012

iPhone 5 vs samsung galaxy S3

iPhone 5 vs Samsung galaxy S3

When it comes to mobile phones there are a couple of famous and staple brands that you can choose from such as Apple’s iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, and Sony Ericsson to name a few. Often times they are being compared to one another in terms of their specs as well as what they offer and recent upgrades made on the phone to highlight its improvement. More often than not we get confused about what to buy, and what brand of phone to get. There are a lot of factors to consider before buying your phone, most of us go for the specs of the phone and some go over the phones price.

When it comes to phone specs and pricing there are two brands of phones that are often being compared Samsung’s Galaxy III and Apple’s iPhone 5. Apple has recently released its new eye candy, iPhone 5 which was recently launched on September 13,2012. Considered to be one of the powerful phones out in the market today, Apple has upgraded a few features on the iPhone to make it a one of the most powerful phone. Several companies are already performing random tests to check out who among the two brands would perform better and if it would stay true to what is being marketed by the company itself. One of the tests that was done recently for both devices would be a common drop test, both devices were tested for potential falls or drops which normally happens when it comes to phones.
iPhone 5 conquered the drop test with its aluminum cover that makes it one of the most durable iPhone ever released among its predecessor. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy SIII, lost its back case as well as damaging the front glass cover. Another test that was done was with the speeds that both devices offer when it comes to data speeds. Both devices are using LTE for data access, needless to say it is considered as one of the fastest browsing experience that anyone could have. Both devices were giving great results when it comes to data speeds, although they are not equally distributed. Apple’s iPhone5 provides better download speed while Samsung’s Galaxy SIII provides better upload speeds. Remember that the data speeds that you are getting would still depend on your Network carrier. Since networks often change the performance of their data speeds, guaranteeing that you would get the same results would be hard.

iPhone 5 vs samsung galaxy S3

iPhone 5 vs samsung galaxy S3

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Blocked IP April 2012

Blocked April 20, 2012

If you have any of the following IP your ISP is probably blocked from reading this. This list is also shared on the appthemes forum to make sure all people with the Classipress theme block spam robots and comment spammers.

Freel free to copy to your wordpress, we use WP Block You.

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